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What Stood Out for You?

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

OK. It wasn't always A+ and joyful bus rides and after-school bonding. But it was four years of our young lives. And what would we give for some of that youthful vim and vigor? What would you tell the 15/16/17/18-year-old you? Here are some fond memories we've collected with our RSVPs. Share yours when you RSVP today!

My Best/Worst Memories ...

  • Drum line, and band in general.

  • Band trips and hanging with my friends.

  • Making so many different friends every year and that's where I met my future husband, too :)

  • Doing the morning info shares over the intercom before home room.

  • My best memories are of playing in our rock band, The Bottom Line-with Tom Doorly, Rit Casey and Gary Greyhosky (class of ‘80) at school Coffee House programs. So much fun!

  • Friends!!! No bad memories.

  • Trying to extinguish a car fire the wrong way with a fire extinguisher that I didn’t know how to use. I collapsed from inhaling the fumes and when I came to, Principal Marcello was there, on all fours, crouched over me. So embarrassing as the ambulance took me away.

  • I really enjoyed running with "Mother's Mighty Midgets" (the 800m relay team coached by Miss Diehl).

  • Fun times with good friends.

  • Skipping school with Bobbi Marshall to hangout in Newville with a friend, but not planning well, so we had to hitch hike back to school to catch our bus ride home!

  • Earth shoes and big hair

  • Being in the Choir, Folk Group, and Orchestra

  • My memories are all my friends and band trips and the football games and the gigs we had in the Galaxies especially the one in Jamaica.

  • I just remember the fun Times with friends. Laughing and horsing around. The good ole days 😍

  • The "Pot Lot"

  • Friends of course, and great memories from the high school musicals.

  • Hanging out along a road or behind a barn in a corn field.

  • Competing with Paul Souders and Mark Hammond in annual science fairs.

  • Delivering our commencement address with classmates Liz Forbis, Doug Cook, and Mel Broujos.

  • Friends, Powder Puff game, Mr. Walker picking me to be in his homeroom class in the front row, even though I wasn't in Periscope club. He said he thought I probably spent my entire life in the last row in the last seat because my name started with "Z".

  • Best was participating in the school musicals and hanging around the teen club with other friends from Carlisle Barracks.

  • Graduation!!

  • All the great friends.

  • One of my best memories involves an innocent act of vandalism (sorry, Mom and Dad). I don't remember planning this event, but when I drove the '69 Mustang to pick each gal up, we each had a bandanna on our heads in preparation. We became The Bandanna Bandits. No one got hurt, and we even made the year book. Fun bonding experience!

We Want More

Add to this fun list -- RSVP today, or comment below!

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