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George Faller Hosts Planning Committee

George Faller tempted a motley crew with pizza and adult beverages to join in on the planning for our 45th, scheduled for Oct. 12 at 4PM, Fiddler's at Mayapple. He even scheduled a Zoom meeting for those (Tammy) who had grandparent duties and couldn't travel. What a guy. And yes, he's still a stitch. He hasn't forgotten his H.S. moniker of Class Clown!

Leader Gary Calaman was traveling for work, but left an agenda. Around the table were Georges Faller and Kretzing, Charlie Thompson, Dan Jones, Nancy Dickinson (can you believe this gal has been living quietly in Carlisle for two years?! MANY thanks for Kim Strizzi for connecting her with us), Karen Skovira McKendry (new grandmother!), Scott Davis (he can't very well forget how long he's been married, since it was the year of our last 5-year reunion), and me. Tammy was on screen.

Here's what we know: 200+ of you received an email from with all the details for the upcoming reunion, including a way to register and purchase your tickets ($42/pp). We're working on finding more emails, and sometime in March will U.S. Mail an invitation to those for whom we have good addresses. (Didn't get an email? Contact us with your email address and any updated phone and mailing address please!)

The venue will be the same as in 2019 (it worked very well, attendees told us) and we're hoping the weather is equally cooperative with no looming pandemic! We're working on the menu, Nancy's in charge of decorations, we'll have photo opportunities like last year to capture kids from the various elementary schools and maybe band members etc. (send your ideas!), coordinated by George Kretzing's get-it-done partner, Mary Gerard Carlton, and we're talking about music (Charlie Thompson may have some DJ ideas, and Rit Casey's band came up as a possible special guest appearance, if he's willing).

We're actively looking for a photographer -- and ideally one of you to sponsor them.

Our most challenging task in the coming weeks is finding emails for the rest of our classmates and confirming addresses we have from 2019 and earlier. Charlie Thompson has graciously accepted the hard duty -- finding addresses for folks we have little or no information on. YOU CAN HELP: If you see a classmate or are in touch with classmates, make sure you get their current contact info and/or have them contact us. YOUR info may have changed since the last reunion -- let us know. We're also doing our best to keep track of deaths, which is challenging and sad, but inevitable. On Oct. 12 we'll lift our glasses to remember them, and our class gift -- the evergreen tree growing nicely out front of the Sr. High admin office, memorializes them.

Life is short -- let's make the most of it and gather this October in Carlisle to celebrate a group of people we knew (or thought we knew ... or didn't know well) back when we were too dumb to know how good we had it. Register now.

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