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See Who's Coming

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

No, it doesn't REALLY matter at this point -- we're all 40 years older and have built lives of our own. But it can be a real joy to reconnect and get to know folks again. We hope you'll join us too. Here's our RSVP list thus far. Join in the fun!


Chris Cunningham

Paul Lukert + 1

Franz and Kathi Fox

Nancy (George) Weidner

Terry and Teresa Books

Nancy (Adair) and Chris Smith

Chris Bergen

Gary Herman

Brian Stover

Kirk and Patricia Patterson

Kevin D. (Doug) and Melissa Griffie

Chuck Stoup

Felicia (Bowermaster) Steinour

Dave Weitzel

Robert and Melissa Mixell

Sylvia (Karathanasis) and Tim Barrett

Jacqueline (DeGlas) Withum

Sonny Sollenberger

Charles and Beth Ann (Sodus) Thompson

George Kretzing and Mary (Gerard) Carlton

Russell Livingston

Ruth (Mimi) Masland

Scott Spraglin

Athena Lawyer

Doug and Melissa Griffie

Lisa (Prosser) and Stephen Horton

Bryan and Hayley Sedell

Randy Minich

Tracy (Neff) Bricker

Justina (Fugh) Frenzel

Chris (Morrison) Baird

Carol (Brehm) Pittaluga

Carol A. Meyer and Alan Ruben

Gary Rutz

Michael and Lisa Gumby

Robin (Barrick) Rohrer

Carin (Springstead) Doddroe

Kevin Smallwood

Linda (Calkins) Powers

Karen (Swartz) Stum

George B. Faller, Jr.

Joseph McHugh and Susan Engelmore

Linda (Sloop) MacDonald

Dave Horn

Denise (Martin) and Mike Eschenmann

Jack and Jen Mentzer

Rashesh Nagar

Carol (Walters) Torrao

Nancy Dickinson

Kathleen O'Connell

Beth (Van Zandt) and Van Burriss

Michael and Kristi Knox

Ross Mowery

Scott and Joni Davis

Kim Starner

Kevin Sullivan

Jim and Penny (Breitenbach) Torrence

Elizabeth A. Myers

Gary and Patricia Calaman

Tracie (Heberlig) Osborn

Jackie (Perkins) and Andrew Skean

Kimberly (Hileman) and Paul Strizzi

Colleen (Goodman) and Steve Billone

Susan E. Kuntz

Daphne D. (Simmons) and Stephon Bethune

Gail L. Galbraith

Judith A. (Lenkowski) and Steven Gruver

Ramona (Pokey) A. (Zenuch) and Mark Mateya

Marjorie Claire (Gigi) (Barnes) and Gerard Galloway

Richard Hays Carns

Kathy (Cecconello) Oyler and Chip Holmes

Kathleen (Katie) S. Daniels

Susan L. (Hahn) and Seth Farris

Gregg A. Lunsford

Scott B. and Wanda Miller

Tammy L. (Morrow) and Rod Book

Susan D. (Orr) Parker

Margaret (Meg) P. Potter

Jeffrey L. and Alicia Pugliese

Lisa R. (Sims) and Doug Sweger

Scott W. Stumbaugh +1

Randall C. Tritt

Ann Marie (Warrell) Ferriman

Sally L. (Wegner) Cournoyer

Cathy E. (Welsh) and Doug Smith

Louis M. Werdebach

W. Scott Winger

Lynn E. (Wrightstone) and Robert Williams

How You Can RSVP

Click and sign in -- and even pay online. (Who would have known 40 years ago we would have swapped pencils for PCs? What's the biggest change you've thought about from 1979? Share it with us here.)

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