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What Makes a Great Gathering?

For me, it's having worked as hard as possible to find as many classmates as possible. After almost <gulp!> 45 years, we could walk past each other on the street and not recognize each other. That's what years, pounds, glasses and darkened or graying hair will do to many of us! And then there are those who haven't changed a bit (you know who you are, Ami, Louis ...).

We have a wonderful team of folks assisting in planning for 2024, but we need EACH of you to reach out to at least ONE long-lost and try to connect. We had nearly 515 in our class at graduation. We've been happy with 1/5 of that up until now. But as time passes, and the list of folks I have on the Deceased list grows, I want to state emphatically that 1/5 is NOT enough. Sometimes all it takes is a quick phone call or reaching out on FB -- letting someone know that we want to make sure we have their updated their information so we can send an invitation. Current address and email is most helpful. And we won't share this information unless they expressly approve us doing so.

Thank you for your help. I can't wait to catch up in 2024! Let us know by commenting here what YOU think makes a great gathering. The team is eager to make the 45th the very best ever.

Helen Mahr Brownell's information is UP TO DATE thanks to Kim Hileman Strizzi. (Cute as a button, Helen!) Here's the list of folks we're lacking information for altogether (invites returned or no address or email at all). Please contact us with any updates you can provide.

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